E-cab Passenger and order your taxi online


How To Book Taxi

You can book Taxi for. Yourself by Ride Now

You can book taxi for your Family when away from Home

You can book Taxi when you have Planned trip by Schedule Feature

Why to use Ecab Nepal Passenger Mobile App?

Cost Effective

Get the rides on the E-cab app with the lowest fares and save money

Booking Ride Capability

• User will be able to book Ride for instantly

• User will be able to book ride for their friends and family even they are far away from there current location

• User will be scheduled their ride in future

• User can book ride by calling our call centre in case if they issue with internet or are Not friendly with Technology.

Security Feature

• Driver verification code

• Live location sharing with friends and family via SMS or Email

• Driver/vehicle used by EcabNepal are verified with their legal doc (Licence detail, Vehicle Insurance, Bill book)


• Ride pricing are Transparent there is no hidden cost included

• User can view full breakdown of cost of ride


support both cash and digital payment (Khalti and QR Payment)